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The FaultWire team has analyzed different versions of Windows and created summary and detailed reports of executable files used within Windows. This includes programs, device drivers, linked libraries (DLLs) and other related files.

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H323cc.dll - Microsoft H.323 DLL
H323msp.dll - Microsoft H.323 Media Service Provider
Hal.dll - Hardware Abstraction Layer DLL
Halaacpi.dll - Hardware Abstraction Layer DLL
Halacpi.dll - Hardware Abstraction Layer DLL
Halapic.dll - Hardware Abstraction Layer DLL
HalExtIntcLpioDMA.dll - HAL Extension for Intel Low Power Subsystem DMA Controller
Halmacpi.dll - Hardware Abstraction Layer DLL
Halmps.dll - Hardware Abstraction Layer DLL
Hbaapi.dll - HBA API data interface dll for HBA_API_Rev_2-18_2002MAR1.doc
HCAppRes.dll - PC Health Help Center Resource Only DLL
Hccoin.dll - USB Coinstaller
Hcproviders.dll - Action Center Providers
Hcrstco.dll - USB HC Reset Coinstaller
hcw72ADFilter.sys - Hauppauge USB Audio Filter Driver
hcw72ATV.sys - Hauppauge Voyager AVstream Driver
hcw72Co.dll - Coinstaller
hcw72DTV.sys - Hauppauge Voyager BDA Driver
Hcw85bda.sys - CX23885 BDA driver
Hcw85cir.sys - Hauppauge WinTV 885 Consumer IR Driver for eHome
hcwPP2.sys - WinTV PVR PCI II (v2) WDM Video Capture
Hdaudbus.sys - High Definition Audio Bus Driver v1.0a
HdAudio.sys - High Definition Audio Function Driver
Hdwwiz.cpl - Add Hardware Control Panel
Hdwwiz.exe - Add Hardware Wizard
Hearts.exe - Executable for Hearts Game
Help.exe - Command Line Help Utility
Helpcins.dll - Microsoft Help Installer
HelpCtr.exe - Microsoft Help and Support Center
HelpHost.exe - Microsoft Help Center Hosting Server
HelpPane.exe - Microsoft Help and Support
HelpPaneProxy.dll - Microsoft Help Proxy
HelpSvc.exe - Microsoft Help Center Service
Hgcpl.dll - HomeGroup Control Panel
Hgprint.dll - HomeGroup Printing Support
Hh.exe - Microsoft HTML Help Executable
Hhctrl.ocx - Microsoft HTML Help Control
Hhctrlui.dll - Microsoft HTML Help Control
Hhsetup.dll - Microsoft HTML Help
Hid.dll - Hid User Library
Hidbatt.sys - Hid Battery Driver
Hidbth.sys - Bluetooth Miniport Driver for HID Devices
HidBthLE.dll - Bluetooth Low Energy GATT compliant UMDF HID driver
Hidclass.sys - Hid Class Library
Hidi2c.sys - I2C HID Miniport Driver
Hidir.sys - Infrared Miniport Driver for Input Devices
Hidparse.sys - Hid Parsing Library
Hidscanner.dll - WUDF: hidscanner
Hidserv.dll - Human Interface Device Service
Hidusb.sys - USB Miniport Driver for Input Devices
Himem.sys - High Memory
Hlink.dll - Microsoft Office Hyperlink Library
Hmmapi.dll - Microsoft HTTP Mail Simple MAPI
Hnetcfg.dll - Home Networking Configuration Manager
Hnetmon.dll - Home Networking Monitor DLL
Hnetwiz.dll - Network Setup Wizard
HoldEm.exe - Hold 'em Application
Hostmib.dll - Host Resources MIB
Hostname.exe - Hostname APP
Hotfix.exe - MSDDHotfix
Hotpatchins.dll - Installers for hotpatching elements of CMI objects
Hotplug.dll - Safely Remove Hardware applet
Hotspotauth.dll - Microsoft Windows Hotspot Authentication
HotStartUserAgent.dll - Microsoft Windows HotStart User Agent
Hp6000at.dll - VAYU UI Application
Hp6000nt.dll - VAYU UI Application
Hp6500at.dll - VAYU UI Application
Hp6500nt.dll - VAYU UI Application
Hp8000at.dll - VAYU UI Application
Hp8500at.dll - VAYU UI Application
Hp8500gt.dll - VAYU UI Application
Hp8500nt.dll - VAYU UI Application
Hpb8500t.dll - HP Print Processor
Hpbmiapi.dll - Hpbmiapi 32 bit Module
Hpbmini.dll - HP Mini Installer
Hpboid.dll - hpboid Module
Hpboidps.dll - hpboidPS Module
Hpbpro.dll - hpbpro Module
Hpbprops.dll - Proxy stub dll for HPBPro Module
Hpbresw81.dll - HP Localization Plugin
Hpbx3w81.dll - HP PCL3GUI OCM
Hpbxpsrender.dll - XPS Rasterization Filter
Hpc309at.dll - Printer Settings Control
Hpc4500t.dll - HP Print Processor
Hpc4600t.dll - VAYU UI Application
Hpc5300t.dll - HP Print Processor
Hpc5500t.dll - HP Print Processor
Hpc6300t.dll - HP Print Processor
Hpcabout.dll - HP About
Hpcclj1.dll - HP Color LaserJet
Hpccljui.dll - HP Color LaserJet UI
Hpcdmc71.dll - DMC Component
Hpcdmclh.dll - DMC Component
Hpcfltw8.dll - HP XPS Filter
Hpcfltwb.dll - HP XPS Filter
Hpcfont.dll - HP Font
HpCISSs.sys - Smart Array SAS/SATA Controller Media Driver
Hpcstr.dll - HP Strings
Hpcstw81.dll - HP Localization Plugin
Hpd2600t.dll - VAYU UI Application