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The FaultWire team has analyzed different versions of Windows and created summary and detailed reports of executable files used within Windows. This includes programs, device drivers, linked libraries (DLLs) and other related files.

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M4mc.sys - MagFile Medium changer driver
Magnification.dll - Microsoft Magnification API
Magnify.exe - Microsoft Screen Magnifier
Mag_hook.dll - Microsoft Magnifier hook library file
Mahjong.dll - MahjongTitans Resources
Mahjong.exe - Executable for Mahjong Titans Game
Main.cpl - Mouse and Keyboard Control Panel Applets
MaintenanceUI.dll - Maintenance Settings Control Panel
Makecab.exe - Microsoft Cabinet Maker
Mammoth.sys - SCSI Tape Driver
Manage-bde.exe - BitLocker Drive Encryption: Configuration Tool
Mapi32.dll - Extended MAPI 1.0 for Windows NT
Mapine.dll - Windows Search MAPI Support
mapineRes.dll - MAPI2 Namespace Extension Resources
Mapistub.dll - Extended MAPI 1.0 for Windows NT
Markup.dll - Windows Media Center Markup Resources
MbaeApi.dll - Mobile Broadband Account Experience API
MbaeApiPublic.dll - Mobile Broadband Account API
MbaeParserTask.exe - Mobile Broadband Account Experience Parser Task
MbaeXmlParser.dll - Mobile Broadband Account Experience Parser
Mblctr.exe - Windows Mobility Center
Mbsmsapi.dll - Microsoft Windows Mobile Broadband SMS API
Mbussdapi.dll - Microsoft Windows Mobile Broadband USSD API
Mcastmib.dll - Microsoft Multicast subagent
Mcbuilder.exe - Resource cache builder tool
Mcd.sys - Medium changer class driver
Mcd32.dll - OpenGL MCD Client DLL
Mcdsrv32.dll - MCD Server
Mcepg.dll - Media Center Electronic Program Guide - Media Center Electronic Program Guide
MCESidebarCtrl.dll - Media Center Sidebar Gadget Control - Media Center Sidebar Gadget Control
MCEWMDRMNDBootstrap.dll - Windows Media Center WMDRM-ND Receiver Bridge Bootstrap...
mcGlidHost.exe - Windows Media Center In-band Guide Loader
Mcglidhostobj.dll - Windows Media Center In-band Guide Loader Objects - Windows Media Center In-band Guide Loader Objects
Mchgrcoi.dll - Medium Changer CoInstaller
Mciavi.drv - MCI driver for AVI
Mciavi32.dll - Video For Windows MCI driver
Mcicda.dll - MCI driver for cdaudio devices
Mciole16.dll - MCIOLE16 - OLE Handler DLL for MCI Objects
Mciole32.dll - MCI OLE DLL
Mciqtz32.dll - DirectShow MCI Driver
Mciseq.dll - MCI driver for MIDI sequencer
Mciseq.drv - MCI driver for MIDI sequencer
McITvVmData.dll - Microsoft Windows Media Center ITV VM Data Helper DLL
Mciwave.dll - MCI driver for waveform audio
Mciwave.drv - MCI driver for waveform audio
Mcmde.dll - MCMDE DLL
Mcplayer.dll - Windows Media Center MCPlayer Module
Mcplayerinterop.dll - Media Center Player Interop - Media Center Player Interop
McrMgr.dll - Media Center Extender Manager DLL
McrMgr.exe - Media Center Extender Manager
Mcspad.exe - Media Center SPAD Configuration Utility
mcsrchPH.dll - Windows Media Center Search Protocol Handler
Mcstore.dll - Windows Media Center Guide Store - Windows Media Center Guide Store
Mcstoredb.dll - Windows Media Center Store Database Layer - Windows Media Center Store Database Layer
Mctadmin.exe - Microsoft Country Code Administration
Mctres.dll - MCT resource DLL
Mcupdate.exe - Windows Media Center Store Update Manager - Windows Media Center Store Update Manager
mcupdate_AuthenticAMD.dll - AMD Microcode Update Library
mcupdate_GenuineIntel.dll - Intel Microcode Update Library
Mcx2Dvcs.dll - Media Center Devices Library - Mcx2Dvcs.dll
Mcx2Filter.dll - Media Center Extender Filter
Mcx2Prov.exe - MCX2 Provisioning library
Mcx2Svc.dll - Media Center Extender Service
McxDataPath.dll - MCX2 Datapath
McxDriv.dll - Media Center Extender Resources
McxTask.exe - MCX Scheduled Task
Md5filt.dll - Sample Filter DLL
MDEServer.exe - Play To Server
Mdhcp.dll - Microsoft MDHCP Client COM Interface
MDMAgent.exe - MDMAgent
MDMAppProv.dll - MDM Application Provider
Mdminst.dll - Modem Class Installer
Mdmregistration.dll - MDM Registration DLL
MDMSettingsProv.dll - MDM Settings Provider
MdRes.exe - Windows Memory Diagnostics Tool
MdSched.exe - Windows Memory Diagnostics Tool
Mdwmdmsp.dll - WMDM Service Provider driver for MDM Drivers
Medctroc.dll - Windows NT
Medctrro.exe - Windows NT
MediaCenterWebLauncher.exe - Windows Media Center Web Launcher
MediaCenterWebLauncherRes.dll - Media Center Protocol Handler Resources
MediaMetadataHandler.dll - Media Metadata Handler
MediaPlayer-DLMigPlugin.dll - Windows Media Player Downlevel Migration Plugin
Megasas.sys - MEGASAS RAID Controller Driver
MegaSR.sys - LSI MegaRAID Software RAID Driver
Mem.exe - Memory Status Display
Memdiag.dll - Memory Tester Enhancement
MemoryAnalyzer.dll - MemoryAnalyzer Extension
MemoryDiagnostic.dll - Microsoft Windows Memory Diagnostic Task Handler
Memstpci.sys - Sony PCI to Memory Stick I/F Controller
Memtest.exe - Memory Diagnostic
Metadata.dll - IIS MetaBase DLL