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The FaultWire team has analyzed different versions of Windows and created summary and detailed reports of executable files used within Windows. This includes programs, device drivers, linked libraries (DLLs) and other related files.

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Selection q Qagent.dll - Quarantine Agent Proxy
Qagentrt.dll - Quarantine Agent Service Run-Time
Qappsrv.exe - Query Remote Desktop Session Host Server Utility
Qasf.dll - DirectShow ASF Support
Qcap.dll - DirectShow Runtime.
Qcliprov.dll - Quarantine Client WMI Provider
Qdv.dll - DirectShow Runtime.
Qdvd.dll - DirectShow DVD PlayBack Runtime.
Qedit.dll - DirectShow Editing.
Qedwipes.dll - DirectShow Editing SMPTE Wipes
Qic157.sys - ATAPI Tape Driver
Ql2300.sys - QLogic Fibre Channel Stor Miniport Driver
Ql40xx.sys - QLogic iSCSI Storport Miniport Driver
Qlstrmc.sys - Qualstar 2xxxx and 4xxx Medium changer driver
Qmgr.dll - Background Intelligent Transfer Service
Qmgrprxy.dll - Background Intelligent Transfer Service Proxy
Qntmmc.sys - Quantum x500 and x700 Medium changer driver
Qosname.dll - Microsoft Windows GetQosByName Service Provider
Qoswmi.dll - Network QoS WMI Module
Qprocess.exe - Query Process Utility
Qshvhost.dll - Quarantine SHV Host
Qsvrmgmt.dll - Quarantine Server Management
Quartz.dll - DirectShow Runtime.
Query.dll - Content Index Utility DLL
Query.exe - MultiUser Query Utility
Quser.exe - Query User Utility
Qutil.dll - Quarantine Utilities
Qwave.dll - Windows NT
Qwavedrv.sys - qWave Support Driver
Qwinsta.exe - Query Session Utility