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The FaultWire team has analyzed different versions of Windows and created summary and detailed reports of executable files used within Windows. This includes programs, device drivers, linked libraries (DLLs) and other related files.

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RacAgent.exe - Reliability analysis metrics Calculation Agent
RacEngn.dll - Reliability analysis metrics calculation engine
Racpldlg.dll - Remote Assistance System Settings Provider
RacWmiProv.dll - Reliability Metrics WMI Provider
Radardt.dll - Microsoft Windows Resource Exhaustion Detector
Radarrs.dll - Microsoft Windows Resource Exhaustion Resolver
Radcui.dll - RemoteApp and Desktop Connection UI Component
Ramdisk.sys - RAM Disk Driver
Rapi.dll - ActiveSync RAPI Backward Compatibility
Rapimgr.dll - ActiveSync RAPI Manager
Rapispxy.dll - RAPI Proxy Provider
Rapistub.dll - RAPI Provider
Rasacd.sys - RAS Automatic Connection Driver
Rasadhlp.dll - Remote Access AutoDial Helper
Rasapi32.dll - Remote Access API
Rasauto.dll - Remote Access AutoDial Manager
Rasautou.exe - Remote Access Dialer
Rascfg.dll - RAS Configuration Objects
Raschap.dll - Remote Access PPP Challenge/Handshake Authentication Protocol
Raschapext.dll - Windows Extension library for raschap
RasClusterRes.dll - Ras Cluster Resource Extensions
Rasctrs.dll - Windows NT Remote Access Perfmon Counter dll
Rascustom.dll - Custom Protocol Engine
Rasdiag.dll - RAS Diagnostics Helper Classes
Rasdial.exe - Remote Access Dial
Rasdlg.dll - Remote Access Common Dialog API
Raserver.exe - Windows Remote Assistance COM Server
Rasgcw.dll - RAS Wizard Pages
Rasl2tp.sys - RAS L2TP mini-port/call-manager driver
Rasman.dll - Remote Access Connection Manager
Rasmans.dll - Remote Access Connection Manager
Rasmbmgr.dll - Provides support for the switching of mobility enabled VPN...
RasMigPlugin.dll - Microsoft RRAS Server Migration Lib
Rasmm.dll - RAS Media Manager
Rasmontr.dll - RAS Monitor DLL
Rasmxs.dll - Remote Access Device DLL for modems, PADs and switches
Rasphone.exe - Remote Access Phonebook
Rasplap.dll - RAS PLAP Credential Provider
Rasppp.dll - Remote Access PPP
Raspppoe.sys - RAS PPPoE mini-port/call-manager driver
Raspptp.sys - Peer-to-Peer Tunneling Protocol
Raspti.sys - PTI DirectParallel mini-port/call-manager driver
Rasqec.dll - RAS Quarantine Enforcement Client
Rasrad.dll - Remote Access Service NT RADIUS client module
Rassapi.dll - Remote Access Admin APIs dll
Rasser.dll - Remote Access Media DLL for COM ports
Rassstp.sys - RAS SSTP Miniport Call Manager
Rastapi.dll - Remote Access TAPI Compliance Layer
Rastls.dll - Remote Access PPP EAP-TLS
Rastlsext.dll - Windows Extension library for rastls
Rawwan.sys - Raw WAN Transport
Rcbdyctl.dll - Microsoft Remote Assistance
Rcbklt8.dll - Ricoh Print Class Driver Booklet Filter
Rcimlby.exe - Microsoft Remote Assistance
Rcnup8.dll - Ricoh Print Class Driver NUP Filter
Rcp.exe - TCP/IP Remote Copy Command
Rcres8.dll - Ricoh Print Class Driver Resource File
Rcrevrs8.dll - Ricoh Print Class Driver Page Reverse Filter
Rcrpcs.dll - XPS Rasterization Service XPS to RPCS raster filter
Rdbss.sys - Redirected Drive Buffering SubSystem Driver
Rdbui.dll - ReadyBoost UI
Rdchost.dll - RDSHost Client Module
Rdp4vs.dll - Virtual Machine Remoting Services API
Rdpbus.sys - Microsoft RDP Bus Device driver
Rdpcdd.sys - RDP Miniport
Rdpcfgex.dll - RDP Configuration Extension
Rdpclip.exe - RDP Clipboard Monitor
Rdpcore.dll - RDP Core DLL
Rdpcorekmts.dll - TS (KM) RDPCore DLL
Rdpcorets.dll - TS RDPCore DLL
Rdpd3d.dll - RDP Direct3D Remoting DLL
Rdpdd.dll - RDP Display Driver
Rdpdr.sys - Microsoft RDP Device redirector
Rdpencdd.dll - RDP Encoder Mirror Driver
Rdpencdd.sys - RDP Encoder Miniport
Rdpencom.dll - RDPSRAPI COM Objects
Rdpendp.dll - RDP Audio Endpoint
Rdpinit.exe - RemoteApp Logon Application
Rdpinput.exe - RDP Session Input Handler
Rdprefdd.dll - Microsoft RDP Reflector Display Driver
Rdprefdrvapi.dll - Reflector Driver API
Rdprefmp.sys - RDP Reflector Driver Miniport
RdpSa.exe - RDP Session Agent
RdpSaProxy.exe - RDP Session Agent Proxy
RdpSaPs.dll - RDP Session Agent Proxy Stub
RdpSaUacHelper.exe - RDP Session Agent UAC Helper
Rdpshell.exe - RemoteApp Shell
Rdpsign.exe - Remote Desktop Session Host Server Sign Tool
Rdpsnd.dll - Terminal Server MultiMedia Driver
Rdpudd.dll - UMRDP Display Driver
Rdpvideominiport.sys - Microsoft RDP Video Miniport driver
Rdpwd.sys - RDP Terminal Stack Driver (US/Canada Only, Not for Export)
Rdpwsx.dll - RDP Extension DLL
Rdrleakdiag.exe - Microsoft Windows Resource Leak Diagnostic
Rdsaddin.exe - Microsoft Remote Desktop TSRDP Session Add-In
RDSAppXHelper.dll - Remote Desktop AppX Scheduler Helper DLL
Rdsdwmdr.dll - Microsoft Remote Desktop Services Desktop Composition Component
Rdshost.exe - RDSHost Server Module
RDSPnf.exe - Windows All-User Installer Profile Processing Module
RdvGpuInfo.dll - Microsoft RemoteFX GPU Info Library