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The FaultWire team has analyzed different versions of Windows and created summary and detailed reports of executable files used within Windows. This includes programs, device drivers, linked libraries (DLLs) and other related files.

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S3GKModeDX32.sys - S3 Graphics 86c700-series Miniport
s3gNB.dll - S3 ProSavage (DDR) & Twister Display Driver
s3gNBm.sys - S3 ProSavage (DDR) & Twister Miniport Driver
S3GUModeDX32.dll - S3 Graphics 86c700-series Display Driver
S3legacy.dll - S3 Display Driver
S3legacy.sys - s3 Miniport Driver
Sadrvor.dll - XPS Rasterization Filter
Sadrvpj.dll - XPS Pjl Feature Filter
Sadrvsc.dll - Color Management System
Sadrvzd.dll - Interface Filter
SaErHdlr.dll - WIA Scanner Driver (Error Handler)
Safrcdlg.dll - Microsoft PCHealth Remote Assistance File Open & Save controls
Safrdm.dll - Microsoft Help Center Desktop Manager
Safrslv.dll - Microsoft Help Center Session Resolver
SaImgFlt.dll - WIA Scanner Driver - Image Filter
Samcli.dll - Security Accounts Manager Client DLL
SaMinDrv.dll - WIA Scanner Driver - Mini-Driver UI
Samlib.dll - SAM Library DLL
SampleRes.dll - Microsoft Samples
Samsrv.dll - SAM Server DLL
Sapi.cpl - Speech UX Control Panel
Sapi.dll - Speech API
Sapisvr.exe - Speech Recognition
Sas.dll - WinLogon Software SAS Library
SaSegFlt.dll - WIA Scanner Driver - Seg Filter
Savedump.exe - Windows Save Dump Utility
Sbdrop.dll - Sidebar droptarget
Sbe.dll - DirectShow Stream Buffer Filter.
Sbeio.dll - Stream Buffer IO DLL
Sberes.dll - DirectShow Stream Buffer Filter Resouces.
SBEServer.exe - Sonic Burn Engine Server
SBEServerPS.dll - Sonic Burn Engine Server PS
Sbp2port.sys - SBP-2 Protocol Driver
Sbscmp10.dll - Microsoft .NET Framework v1.0 compatibility
Sbscmp20_mscorlib.dll - Microsoft .NET Framework v1.0 compatibility
Sbscmp20_mscorwks.dll - Microsoft .NET Framework v1.0 compatibility
Sbscmp20_perfcounter.dll - Microsoft .NET Framework v1.0 compatibility
SbsNclPerf.dll - Microsoft .NET Framework v1.0 compatibility
Sbs_diasymreader.dll - Microsoft .NET Framework v1.0 compatibility
Sbs_iehost.dll - Microsoft .NET Framework Setup
Sbs_microsoft.jscript.dll - Microsoft .NET Framework v1.0 compatibility
Sbs_microsoft.vsa.vb.codedomprocessor.dll - Microsoft .NET Framework Setup
Sbs_mscordbi.dll - Microsoft .NET Framework v1.0 compatibility
Sbs_mscorrc.dll - Microsoft .NET Framework v1.0 compatibility
Sbs_mscorsec.dll - Microsoft .NET Framework v1.0 compatibility
Sbs_system.configuration.install.dll - Microsoft .NET Framework v1.0 compatibility - Microsoft .NET Framework v1.0 compatibility
Sbs_system.enterpriseservices.dll - Microsoft .NET Framework v1.0 compatibility
sbs_VsaVb7rt.dll - Microsoft .NET Framework Setup
Sbs_wminet_utils.dll - Microsoft .NET Framework v1.0 compatibility
Sbunattend.exe - Windows Sidebar Unattend Action
Sc.exe - Service Development for Windows
Scansetting.dll - Scan Settings Profile
Scarddlg.dll - SCardDlg - Smart Card Common Dialog
Scardssp.dll - Smart Card Base Service Providers
SCardSvr.dll - Smart Card Resource Management Server
Scardsvr.exe - Smart Card Resource Management Server
Scavenge.dll - Windows Component Clean Tool
Scavengeui.dll - Update Package Cleanup
Sccbase.dll - Infineon SICRYPT Base Smart Card CSP
Sccls.dll - Class-Installer DLL for Smart Cards
Sccsccp.dll - Infineon SICRYPT Smart Card Crypto Provider COM Objects
ScDeviceEnum.dll - Smart Card Device Enumeration Service
Scecli.dll - Windows Security Configuration Editor Client Engine
Scesrv.dll - Windows Security Configuration Editor Engine
Scext.dll - Service Control Manager Extension DLL for non-minwin
Scfilter.sys - Microsoft Smart Card Reader Filter Driver
SCGMigPlugin.dll - Microsoft Speech Migration Plugin
Schannel.dll - TLS / SSL Security Provider
Schedcli.dll - Scheduler Service Client DLL
Schedprov.dll - Task Scheduler WMIv2 Provider
Schedsvc.dll - Task Scheduler Service
Schmmgmt.dll - Active Directory Schema MMC Snapin
Schtasks.exe - Scheduled Task Manager
Scksp.dll - Microsoft Smart Card Key Storage Provider
Sclgntfy.dll - Secondary Logon Service Notification DLL
Scmstcs.sys - PC/SC Driver for STC Serial Reader
Scr111.sys - PC/SC Driver for SCR111 - Serial Smart Card Reader
Scrcons.exe - WMI Standard Event Consumer - scripting
Scredir.dll - Smart Card Redirection for TS
Script.dll - Script Module
Scripta.dll - INF Script Module
Scripto.dll - Microsoft ScriptO
Scriptpw.dll - ScriptPW Module
Script_a.dll - v1 Script Module
Scrobj.dll - Windows Script Component Runtime
Scrptadm.dll - Script Adm Extension
Scrrun.dll - Microsoft Script Runtime
Scsiport.sys - SCSI Port Driver
Scsiprnt.sys - Printer Class Driver for SCSI/SBP2
Scsiscan.sys - SCSI Scanner Driver
Sctasks.exe - Schedule Tasks
Sdautoplay.dll - Microsoft Windows Backup AutoPlay Integration Library
Sdbinst.exe - Application Compatibility Database Installer
Sdbus.sys - SecureDigital Bus Driver
Sdchange.exe - Windows Remote Assistance SD Server